Week 2: The Apple of My Eye Rum Raisin Hand Pies

This week, I’m serving up six beautiful(ish) hand pies. Ooooh, look at that sizzle!

I must admit, I don’t really care for apple pie all that much. Cooked apples just aren’t really my thing. However, the first pie I ever made was an apple crumb that my family just couldn’t get enough of, and I’ve made it for every Thanksgiving since. Back then, I wasn’t making the crust from scratch (the horror, I know!), so I’m really moving on up in the world.

Hand pies are something I’ve never done before, so I was pretty skeptical going into this, but I definitely want to try again. My crimping could certainly use some improvement… I may have been watching OITNB again. It’s pretty hard to make these ingredients taste bad, so it’s all about presentation!

What’s Inside: Apples and rum-soaked golden raisins

“Pro” Tips:
1) After thoroughly soaking your raisins in rum, I recommend dumping out at least some of the extra rum [into your mouth]. The apple mixture was a bit too liquid-y once I added in the raisins and led to a big mess when trying to fill the pies. FYI, if you have extra filling, eat it as-is. That ish is goooooood.


2) Keep your dough balls as cold as possible before rolling out. Only take bits out of the fridge at a time when you’re ready to fill them up. And definitely take your time shaping the dough into actual circles unlike what I did.

3) Try to make them look less like empanadas (see tip 2).


4) These babies only take about 25 minutes to cook, so if you need to meet your friend for a pre-a cappella retreat liquor store run, make a bee-line for the rosé and pray your apartment doesn’t burn down.

What Baking Can Do:
I shared these as a breakfast treat (don’t judge) with my coworkers. My boss seemed to like them…


I also saved some as a late-night treat for my friends William and Peter (and my roommate, Steph, who I assume is sad because she does not have a hand pie). These three beauties are in my a cappella group, The Lost Keys (shameless self-promotion), and worked up an appetite singing on the Upper East Side. I had to work, so they made sure to document their pie-glee for me.


I just had to include this adorable selfie of William. I’ve known this guy for over 10 (!) years now. We met when I was visiting UNC – Chapel Hill to see if I wanted to go there, then sang together as music majors, and then I convinced him to audition for an a cappella group with me in NYC and 6 years suddenly flew by. Oh, and now I also live across the street from him. I literally once went to borrow flour from his husband like I was living in pre-industrial revolution America and don’t live two minutes from a Key Food.


Until next week, folks! A little teaser: I’m hopping around in the book so that I can make a pie for my niece’s birthday party. Can’t wait to see if it can survive the Metro North journey!

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