Week 5: Banish the Glum Plum Galettes

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term galette (as I was until I just googled it while writing this), it's a French word for any kind of flat round or freeform type of crusty cake. Who knew!?

Anyway, I had grand plans to set aside part of my weekend for this recipe since last week's pie was so majestic-looking due to my full attention and careful circle-making. But alas, the call of the sun and a backyard kiddie pool brought me to the faraway land of Brooklyn instead of my kitchen. So, I wound up whipping these together on Monday night after cheering on my office softball team (I am relegated to cheering since I am no longer allowing myself to play organized sports… see blog post 1). This week's baking background noise was brought to you by Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life for those who are curious. God, it's so good.

What I've learned this week is that making six individual dough rounds is six times harder than making one big one. Am I missing something? Is there a world in which a baker can actually create a perfect circle with just their hands, a rolling pin, some flour, and dough? Maybe I'll solve this mystery by the end of the cookbook. Anyway, meet blobs 1-3 (blobs 4-6 not pictured).

What’s Inside: Plums (and not cardamom)

“Pro” Tips:
1) If you, like me, have ever spent ten minutes in the baking aisle of the grocery store staring at the rows upon rows of spices in hopes that the $20 price tag on the cardamom bottle was a joke, you're in luck! Despite the warnings that there is absolutely no replacement for the unique taste of cardamom, I am here to tell you that equal parts nutmeg and cinnamon do the trick. So, if you decide not to buy cardamom from the store in an act of defiance and then promptly forget to scour Amazon for a cheaper version until you are elbow-deep in plums at 10pm on a Monday night, it's all good. Granted, I'm not even sure that I've ever had a food with cardamom in it, so I could be missing some magical taste bud experience, but the substitution didn't hurt these little guys one bit.

2) I'm not sure if this affected the galettes at all, but I decided to use two different types of plums: one was a Red Plum and the other was a darker purple version. I wish I could tell you the exact name of the plum, but my friend Jessy and her husband plied me with wine when I was hanging at their apartment before taking my trip to the fruit market, so I basically felt up the plums (ya know, for ripeness), and tossed them in a bag without any regard for my surroundings.

3) I was a little freaked out by the word "pleating" in the instructions for this recipe. Forming the galettes wasn't the easiest, and some turned out better than others (you can easily pick out the runts below). Don't be afraid to really pinch the pleats so they stay together.

What Baking Can Do: Oddly enough, these plum tarts tasted like cherry pie. Multiple people told me this without prompting. Strange, but delicious.

I missed my boy Colin's birthday celebrations this past weekend, so I promised him a whole galette. He stopped by the apartment to enjoy some post-rehearsal plum-age with William and Steph (who tried to turn her half into a smiley face). Happy belated, Colin!

Also, here's a cute picture of my boss and co-worker enjoying their galette slices… because, why not? My blog, my rules.

Until next week! It will be an extra-special edition!

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