Week 10: In the Dark Dark Triple Chocolate Truffle Pie

I admittedly took a brief hiatus due to illness and travel, but I’m back in action! I figured nobody wanted to eat pie made by a girl who is constantly blowing her nose. Instead, I decided to make a pie for when my best friends, Betsy and Alex, came into town from Florida.

Betsy is the kind of girl who only eats chocolate desserts, so fruit pies were out of the question. When she and her husband were choosing wedding cake, there was no question what flavor it would be. So, it was only natural to choose a triple chocolate pie for our friend reunion.

What’s Inside: Chocolate.

“Pro” Tips:
1) When you need help, ask your friends! My co-worker, Michelle actually went out and bought the wafer cookies I struggled to find for the marbled chocolate cheesecake. Thanks, Michelle!!

2) The biggest takeaway from this baking experience for me was that there is, in fact, a difference between bittersweet chocolate and unsweetened chocolate. Bittersweet chocolate, I presume, has a tiny bit of actual sweetness, which would be helpful in this pie. Oops.

3) The recipe says to bake the pie for 45 minutes or until the filling is nearly set in the center and puffs slightly. It should jiggle. Well, I checked the pie after 35 minutes and it looked like a brownie. No jiggle, no nothing. I don’t even know. Check the pie frequently?

4) When making chocolate curls for the top of the pie, the recipe recommends microwaving the chocolate blocks in ten second intervals until it is slightly warmer than room temp. DO NOT OVER-WARM. You will end up with a literal fistful of melted chocolate and lackluster curls. I found that barely warming it was better than overdoing it. (No chocolate was wasted in the making of this pie. My friend, Tom, scraped the chocolate off my hand and ate it. True friendship.)


What Baking Can Do:

As I alluded to earlier, the whole unsweetened chocolate debacle threw a bit of a wrench in this pie. Crust: delicious. Chocolate whipped cream: heavenly. Chocolate curls: can you really go wrong? Unfortunately a too-bitter center was sandwiched between these layers. If you ate all of these flavors evenly, it tasted great. If you got too much center, it was…subpar. On the bright side, it was pretty damn beautiful!

And look at what good sports my friends are, even posing with the cookbook! True love.

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