Week 16: Slow as Molasses Shoofly Pie

I came back from Aruba to find fall in NY (and then winter a few days later…#nyc)! I hadn’t made a pie for my co-workers in a while, so I decided to pick a sweet fall pie for them, especially since more than half of my office is out sick. Have to do something to brighten up the atmosphere!

What’s Inside: Sugar, molasses, ginger, allspice, caramel

“Pro” Tips:

1) Whatever you do, do not sell your crust short. Anyone who has read this blog before knows I have issues partially blind-baking my pie shells. As in, I get major bubbles and just try to do damage control. Well, this was no different. Except for the fact that it was worse because the side of my crust also slid down the edge of my dish so it wasn’t truly 9 1/2 inches anymore. If you have some extra dough when rolling out your crust, I would keep the edges as tall as possible to prevent this issue.2) Because of number 1, I had WAY too much filling. It overflowed a bit so that the crust was just kind of there for texture rather than actually holding the pie innards. If you do have the same crust shrinkage problem that I did, just cut back on the filling instead of being defiant and using it all anyway like some girl I know.
3) To top the pie off before baking, you are supposed to sprinkle a crumble mixture over the filling, which should sink into the filling. None of mine sank. None. The recipe says it’s okay if some stays on the surface, so I assumed it was fine and just plopped it in oven anyway.What Baking Can Do:
I didn’t think I’d be super into this pie because I don’t usually like sickeningly sweet desserts (and this pie is basically sugar and more sugar), but it exceeded my expectations! Basically it’s a pecan pie without the nuts. I was really excited that I made my own caramel, which is pretty easy to do as it turns out. I just had to heat it up a bit before pouring it over the pie and serving.

I was about to sit down with my two coworkers to enjoy this pie and relax after a busy day when suddenly 10-15 of my coworkers showed up and formed a line for a slice! It turns out that our Executive Director saw I had a pie and announced it to the entire office. Definitely saved me some calories, but it was a hilariously overwhelming ten minutes of everyone staring at me while I cut pie, waiting for their piece with little napkins in their hands. I’m glad I didn’t have to take home any leftovers!

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