Week 19: Old Joe’s Slice of Heaven Pie

Last Thursday, I went to see Waitress for the 4th time (5th if you count the concert of Waitress songs Sara Bareilles did before it opened), and it was just as amazing as always. I was really in it to see Jason Mraz as Dr. Pomatter, who was delightfully quirky and melodically angelic, but I have to give props to Betsy Wolfe, whose sassier interpretation of Jenna slayed. I loved hearing all of the pie names aloud, most of which I’ve made now! And guess what? I just bought tickets to see the show for the 5th (or 6th) time because I just couldn’t resist witnessing Sara and Jason together in these roles. The songs were literally written for their voices. Waitress has a ridiculously good marketing team.

Besides the joy of seeing this wonderful show, I had a bit of the end-of-year blues last week, but my weekend plans were the light at the end of my work-week tunnel. I decided to make a pie for my dear friends’ Christmas tree decorating party on Saturday evening, and this is what they chose.

This is a pretty quick pie to make (although I did top it off at the actual party), so if you’re busy or on your way to a drunk brunch like I was, it’s a good one to prep, leave for a few hours, and come back to. After 2 hours of the loudest brunch experience I’ve ever had, 2 hours of watching new episodes of Search Party, and 2 hours of falling asleep on my friend’s couch, I scrambled back to my apartment to grab my pie and walk down the block to the party!

What’s Inside: Coconut, egg, vanilla

“Pro” Tips:

1) Even though I purchased it probably over two years ago at the recommendation of my friend who is an amazing cook, this was maybe only my second time using a fine mesh sieve. I have a kitchen appliance problem. Be patient with your sieve. It seems like the filling, which is fairly thick, will never make it through. Just keep squishing (the technical term) it with your spatula and all will work out.

2) Double, triple, or quadruple the amount of whipped cream in this recipe in order to get the desired effect of a pillowy cloud like the picture shows in the cookbook. I made two batches and it definitely wasn’t as tall as it could have been.

3) I have a weird fear that if I prepare whipped cream at home, it will become runny and milky by the time it makes it to its destination. That’s why I did the whipped cream topping for this pie at my friend’s apartment. The recipe says to refrigerate the pie after the topping is added until it is set. I did this for about an hour, still worried that whipped cream doesn’t actually set. The pie still looked beautiful, even after sitting out for a few hours. I would still be careful transporting, though– you don’t want your whipped cream peak to be trampled by whatever container it’s in.

What Baking Can Do:

I know I was about 6 glasses of wine deep, but this pie was light, fluffy, and delicious. Here is Patrick posing with the pie even though he hates coconut (this is what he gets for consistently stealing my phone to take selfies):

Not only did I leave my pie dish at the party, but I left all of my whipped cream mixing equipment, so I hope that if the pie wasn’t demolished that night, William and Geoffrey whipped up another layer of cream and polished it off.

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