Week 21 (Part 4): Lost Shepherd’s Pie

The second main course of the evening is now being served: Lost Shepherd’s Pie.

Because I knew I’d be cooking this pie in its entirety while my guests were already at my apartment, I decided to prep all of the ingredients in the morning so they were in little containers ready to be sautéed at a moment’s notice. It felt like I had my very own Food Network cooking show without the finished product already waiting in the oven for the world to see. I think I will cook like this all the time. I seriously had little to no hiccups, so apologies if my pro tips aren’t chock full of laughable mistakes like usual.

What’s Inside: Beef, peas, carrots, Worcestershire sauce, A.1., onion

“Pro” tips:

1) The recipe calls for frozen peas and carrots, thawed. Leave them out overnight. I grossly underestimated how long it would take for those suckers to thaw.

2) Invest in a variety of piping tips. I love the challenge of bringing the cookbook pictures to life and couldn’t have done this one without a giant basket weave tip. Such a cool effect! You’ll have leftover potatoes, but you can always save them for a rainy day. Or give them to your ravenous vegetarian dinner guests like I did.

What Baking Can Do:

Again, this cookbook WINS the savory pies. This incredibly flavorful and robust (sort of) pie is in the running for favorite recipe in the book. Even after eating three slices of pie prior, I ate the most of this one, going back for the scraps that were leftover.

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