Week 21 (Part 6): Jenna’s Devil Food Chocolate Oasis Pie

We’ve made it to final pie of the pie party! Jenna’s Devil Food Chocolate Oasis Pie, like the banana cream pie, has a secret layer of flavor between the crust and cream filling that really puts it over the edge.

I have a weird thing about chocolate cookie or Oreo cookie crumbs being used in recipes or being mixed with milk products. Oreos? Yum! Oreo milkshake? Gross. Cookies and cream? Nope. That’s all to say that I was worried about not liking this pie crust, but when mixed with the strawberry flavor and chocolate cream, it was perfectly delightful.

What’s Inside: Chocolate wafer cookies, strawberry preserves, egg, milk, balsamic vinegar, bittersweet chocolate, vanilla, strawberries

“Pro” tips:

1) Be generous with the strawberry preserve layer on the crust. It’s the best part of this pie!

2) When dipping your strawberries in chocolate, make sure you work quickly. My Chocolate was a little too cool for the last few strawberries and they weren’t quite as smooth as I was hoping. Also, keep in mind that after refrigerating, your chocolate-covered strawberries will be flat on one side. So, if you plan to take pictures like I do, make sure you face all of the strawberries in the same direction.

3) Don’t forget to add your crushed strawberries to your whipped cream. Somebody was a little too excited about almost being done baking and was kicking herself when she realized she didn’t add them in.

What Baking Can Do:

Well, I don’t think this pie got at much love as it should have because it was the last one of the evening and every was stuffed to the gills. I’m a purist when it comes to chocolate (as in, just give me a piece of chocolate), so chocolate pie isn’t my bag, but I’d say this is a solid recipe for an occasion where everybody has a sweet tooth and at least a little room for dessert.

2 thoughts on “Week 21 (Part 6): Jenna’s Devil Food Chocolate Oasis Pie

  1. That chocolate pie is so chocolate-yyy, melty and all things I want in my pie. Beautiful recipe. Thanks for sharing. Also I am just starting out with a baking blog. Here is the link. https://greedyeats.com/ Have a look if you get a chance. Thanks!


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