Week 23: Meet Your Dream Chocolate Cream Pie

Being that I had very few plans this past long weekend, I decided to cook up a storm. I wanted to make a pie I could easily bring to work the next day and a cream or custard always does nicely after an overnight stint in the fridge. I woke up early on Tuesday to make the whipped cream fresh, which was a bit of a struggle after not having to set an alarm clock for three days.

What’s Inside: Bittersweet chocolate, egg, milk, ancho chile powder, cayenne pepper, vanilla, jelly

“Pro” tips:

1) If you can’t find chocolate wafer cookies, you can definitely use an alternate cookie. I thought I had some leftover from an older recipe and I didn’t have time to go to the special grocery store where I found them, so I scoured the shelves for something similar. I had to go to two stores, but I settled on these organic chocolate critters because there were no Teddy Grahams or chocolate graham crackers in sight. I’m not going to lie, it was a little sad having these faces stare up at me while I crushed them with a rolling pin, but it did the trick.

2) The recipe calls for ground ancho chile or chipotle in the crust. I bought Key Food brand hot chili pepper because it was a third of the price. That was probably wrong, but oh well.

3) I could not for the life of me find the passion fruit jelly or jam that this recipe needed. The second store I went to literally had every single other flavor on the face of the planet. Like, two full sections dedicated to jelly and jam. Clearly I had some ingredient struggles with this one. Google told me that pineapple is the closest substitute for passion fruit, so I went with this pineapple mango concoction. Worked like a charm.

4) When piping your rosettes, don’t be afraid to give it some juice. I wish I had made mine slightly bigger so that they were touching like the picture in the cookbook, but the effect was still pretty good.

What Baking Can Do:

Some co-workers said this one was a little too spicy, which could be related to #2 above, but I say bring on the heat! I love spicy food, especially Mexican chocolate, so it’s really just a matter of preference. Thumbs up!

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