Week 27: Thanks for Taking Me to the Moon Peanut Butter Moon Pie Pie

Happy Valentine’s Day, folks! I may not have a special someone to share this day with (#perpetuallysingle), but the story behind this pie makes you believe in love and connection, even if it ultimately doesn’t work out (and is, ya know…wildly inappropriate). I saved this one for a day when we could all use a little inspiration (and when I was done with silly Whole30). Let’s all take a leaf out of Jenna’s book and be strong enough to know when it’s time to let go of bad things and leave room for the good. Geez, I’m getting cheesy and emotional as this project comes to an end (!).

What’s Inside: Peanut butter, cream cheese, graham crackers, lots of sugar, marshmallow fluff

“Pro” tips:

1) I discovered WAY too late in the game that using a food processor to crush cookies is infinitely easier than the whole plastic bag/rolling pin situation. The crumbs get so fine and the mess is minimal. Both methods work, though, so if you don’t have a food processor, it’s no big deal. Plus, they sell pre-crushed graham cracker nowadays.

2) GUYS, DEVASTATING NEWS. I broke my beloved hand mixer whilst making this pie. For some reason I thought it was a good idea to use the whisk attachment for peanut butter and cream cheese. It’s not. Use the blend attachment and don’t kill your mixer. Even that attachment was difficult to use because the mixture gets stuck in the blades, so there’s a lot of scraping action, but it gets there eventually. I almost entirely gave up on this pie, fearful it would require me to whip cream by hand without proper tools, but with some krazy glue and wishful thinking, I fixed my poor little whisk.

3) Mini moon pies are only ten calories. Eat them guilt-free as you sit alone on your couch tonight.

What Baking Can Do:

In the words of Dolly Parton, “My weaknesses have always been food and men—in that order.” Whatever your relationship status is today…pie will always be there for you!

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