Week 4: Life’s Just Peachy-Keen Polka-Dot Peach Pie

I have to say, I’m pretty proud of this week’s pie. After a full week of stretching out my birthday celebrations (I was in bed by midnight day-of… #old), I decided to dedicate my entire Saturday evening to making this guy (again, #old). So, after a spa day with the strangest massage I’ve ever endured (description by request only) followed by an unplanned drunk brunch where my cousin and I split a bottle of Prosecco at 3pm, I made my way home to buckle down with my dough. I put on that new Netflix series, GLOW, and set to work with the sounds of the 80s echoing in the background.

What’s Inside
: Peaches, obvi

“Pro” Tips
1) If you are not adult enough to own cookie cutters that are not in the shape of male genitalia or music notes, you’re in luck! You can use bottle caps to make these dough polka dots. I used a water bottle cap and the top to my vanilla bottle. 

2) I’ve come to realize over time that not a single person can tell the difference between fresh fruit and bottled/canned/jarred/frozen once it’s baked in a pie. Lazy like me? Buy pre-sliced peaches in whatever canister you desire and just drain/wash and slice up a bit more before using. But always buy more than you think you need (fresh or not). I think I could have used a bit more filling so the top crust didn’t sink down as much as it did.

3) When all of your ingredients are in the pie and you’re ready to get that top layer on, really focus on fusing the edges of the dough together before adding on the polka dots. My pie pre-baking was a thing of god-damn beauty. Post-baking, the crust looked a bit multi-layered. Meh, details.

What Baking Can Do
: I shared this pie with the usual suspects (roomie [below], co-workers), but I did make one special delivery to my friends William and Geoffrey. I took my pie on a trip across the street so that poor Geoffrey might feel a little better after breaking his elbow. I like to injure myself at least once every two years, so I know how disheartening it can be. FEEL BETTER, GEOFFREY!

Oh, and besides looking snazzy, the pie was delicious. I ate the most of this out of all the ones I’ve done so far. But I also have no food in the house, so there’s that. 

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